Pop Piano

Our Pop Piano Programme (Western/Asian) trains you to play in a huge variety of modern styles ranging from Pop ballads, Rock & Roll, Top 40s, R&B, Funk, Disney hits, Broadway Musicals, Asian Pop, K-pop, J-pop, New Age, etc. Our Pop Piano Programme starts from total beginners, all the way to Advanced levels.

Curriculum Highlights:

Beginner level: foundations in technique, sight-reading, ear-training and modern chord systems, beginner-song repertoire

Intermediate level: modern chord progressions, dominants, minors, left hand patterns and variations, right hand harmonic variations, improvisational intros and endings, ballads, fast-tempos, R&B genres, playing-by-ear techniques, pianistic touch and dynamics, performance exposure

-Ballad exposure: 1950s-present stylistic variations, 4/4, 3/4, 6/8 time signatures

-Fast-tempo pop/rock: Genres include Classic Pop, Asian Pop, K-pop, R&B styles, Disco, Rock, MORs.

Advanced level: advanced chord progressions, advanced ear-training, transcriptions, Rock Piano, Boogie Piano, New Orleans Piano, Blues Piano, Latin Piano, Smooth Jazz Piano, New Age Piano, Artiste transcriptions, Performance exposure/Recording.

Watch our students perform here: